Avatar Course

The following are available from any Master currently licensed to deliver Avatar
Avatar Course Requirements Teaches About Expected Results
Section I Checklist None Preliminary course information. Philosophical pinciples of Avatar. Exercises to produce insight and connection with higher levels of consciousness. Greater connection with the insight into the nature of personal reality. The ability to discover your secret-most beliefs.
Section II The Exersizes A familiarity with ReSurfacing The principles governing creation and experience. Exercizes to enhance the perception of creation and to restore the ability to create reality. The ability to percieve reality without judgements, distortion, or separation; to midify personal reality; to create experientially real states of beingness at will
Section III The Rundowns Recovery of the experience of your own sourceness The priciples governing discreation and the management of reality. Personal initiation and seven solo rundowns that handle aspects of exixtence. The ability to change body sensations, interpersonal conflicts, dependencies, slef-sabotaging beliefs, and compulsions; to assume full responibility for the conditions and ciecumstances of your own life.
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ReSurfacing The Exersizes The Rundowns
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